this is my blog.  

this is my wife court. she is the one that tolerates me and the shenanigans that i get into.


this is me and my buddy Kyle. we are both huge mac and iPhone nerds.

i am also a huge fan of iOS and iOS apps.  I would also like to beta test your apps.  I am a tester for launch center pro, readdle, wunderlist, dispatch, hipstamatic, nintype, narwhal for reddit, day one and airmail.

court and i met on twitter on oct 26.  she moved here on jan 30 and we have been happy and ecstatic to have each other.  she comes from denton tx and we might move there.  a much cooler scene there.

kyle and i both work for an authorized apple reseller and service center. we are who apple sends you to if you dont have an apple store in your town