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I love all writing utensils and these are the best pencils that money can buy

Blackwing Pages

Media attention was granted to the Blackwing via Alex Beam’s article in the Boston Globe. You can search online and find the text of this article, but also by paying a nominal fee to the Boston Globe for archival materials. Hopefully no one will get bent out of shape that I’m re-posting it.

Fans of Pencils Pocket No. 2, opt for their No. 1: Blackwing 602

By Alex Beam, Globe Columnist, 12/17/2002

Writers like to think that it is the man or woman sitting upstream from the pencil who may become immortal. But here is the story of a pencil that has achieved immortality all by itself.

We are talking about the legendary Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602, which went out of production in 1998. Up in Writers’ Valhalla, John Steinbeck, Thomas Wolfe, and Archibald MacLeish are shedding a silent tear. Down here on Earth, Stephen Sondheim, Andre Gregory, and Roger…

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