So… Why Go Tiny?

Wife Me & Tea

After our little and big and somewhat crazy announcement January 3rd, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback, ranging from people saying they thought we were pregnant to confirming that we’re crazy to expressing ‘it’s great but we would never do it’. We decided to do a little two-part series on why we’re doing this and how we’re doing this.

All that said, why bother going tiny?

Original photo by Jack Journey, copyright Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

To get started, totally check out this info graph that pretty accurately & thoroughly explains further what a Tiny House is and some of the reasons people choose it. Lots of fun because there’s pictures!

First, let’s talk money. There are so many variables that could take a whole blog posts to thoroughly explain, but the major plus to the Tiny Houses is that they are significantly cheaper then buying a brand new house. With no mortgages and the average house costing between 20k + 30k, you gotta admit…

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