45 RPM: “Pledging My Time” by Bob Dylan

Mixed Tape Masterpiece

Rainy Day Women 12 + 35 - Bob DylanOh, Bob Dylan, I didn’t know it at the time, but this song was my first introduction to the blues.  I’ve made it clear that I don’t actually have too much musical knowledge, but I love me some blues, and I’m thinking that this song is the reason.  I didn’t really understand what you were singing about, Bob Dylan, but I absolutely loved that harmonica and that simple blues beat.  The sound of that wailing harmonica was almost painful, especially during that second solo, but it was a good kind of pain and it was the kind of sound that sunk into your bones.  It wouldn’t be until college that I’d really feel that way again when one of my roommates played Muddy Waters’ “Hard Again”, which I would go on to purchase and play over and over and over.

This blog has really made me appreciate how lucky I…

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