Apocalypse, Unfurled

Wish I Were Here


Angers, France – October 2014

After some deliberation, I finally decided not to read the Book. I prefer to observe the Apocalypse Tapestry with relatively naive eyes. In the Western world, it’s nearly impossible to be completely ignorant of the Book of Revelation. The Catholic education I received as a child devoted no time to it, but I was introduced to it by the neighbor boys. Their mother had transformed herself from neighborhood barfly to Bible thumper. She carried herself with lifted chin, lips pressed tightly together in a slight, smug smile. Bosom puffed up and raised high, as if perpetually clutching a Bible to it. Whenever she saw the boys talking to us, she would call them away. They would sneak to the border of our properties and speak through the hedge. They no longer spoke of kid stuff, but instead quoted the scripture they had memorized in Sunday…

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